clifford kaplan scam
Kaplan's lawyer wants to QUIT
"[Kaplan] has failed to cooperate in the prosection of this matter..."
"...there is an outstanding bill to the client which has not been paid"

according to Affidavit filed by Dustin Bowman on 3/28/2014
Clifford Kaplan's Felony Record
Source: Superior Court of California County of Marin Case number: SC105283A

Pennsylvania Guilty Plea for Bad Check
Docket Number: MJ-12304-CR-0000382-2011

Clifford Kaplan has written bad checks to me of over $10,000.
He STILL owes me over $10,000 for the Jiun Ho project

Cliff Kaplan has written bad checks of over $10,000 to me that he refuses to pay. If you have been scammed by Clifford Kaplan of California, please email your story to and contact Lt. Sanchez at the San Francisco DA's office at (415) 553-1751. has been seen times!

Clifford Kaplan's Criminal Docket from Pennsylvania

10/14 - HYSTERICAL email from an "attorney" representing Cliff Kaplan

VOICEMAIL from Cliff: "My lawyer will call you tomorrow afternoon"...the call never comes

Clifford Kaplan's 1999 Conviction in Marin County

Picture of the NSF check to me from Clifford Kaplan

More PICTURES of Bad Checks...

Extra Space Management Inc. vs. Cliff Kaplan Judgement

Another Judgement against Cliff Kaplan

HIGA & GIPSON LLP vs. Cliff Kaplan Judgement

Veterinary Vision Inc vs. Clifford Kaplan
Please email your Clifford Kaplan/StudioEXT story to:

01/09/2014: "He booked my company to cater a private party in November 2013 and never paid."

New Yelp Review:
"Cliff Kaplan also owes me money. He used other names, including Mike Gellert and Ian Smith ("attorney"). He booked my company to cater a private party in November 2013 and never paid. Many, many excuses and delays but no payment."
Original Review

11/21/2013 - Threat of a frivolous lawsuit

Just got off the phone with Dustin Bowman, an attorney representing Cliff Kaplan. Look, if you'd like to file a frivolous lawsuit, nothing I can do to stop that. Here's what I can do: I will be glad to defend myself and share with the Court my story and all the other stories about Mr. Kaplan from people across the world.

**NEW**10/10/2013 - Cliff Kaplan's BOGUS THREATS

I have received multiple reports of people receiving a call from a skype number (661) 748 0240 with the caller ID "cliffkaplan" or "cliffkapfam".

One reader writes:
"They left a voicemail and said he was Richard Livingston, a lawyer in SF and he is giving me 24 hours to call him back otherwise he is going to file a claim and an arrest warrant in CAóand I need to call 415-328-5213."

Should Cliff Kaplan do this to me, my plan is to visit the local police department and file a complaint for harassment.

The only call I am interested in receiving from Cliff is a call that gets me the money that he owes me accompanied with an apology.

You have my number, Cliff. Trying using it...

10/7/13 - "He told me the money was wired to me, but canít send the wire confirmation"

Another Cliff Kaplan story found on Facebook by yours truly(source):
Cliff owes me a lot of money (a lot to me, $2,300+) and every time I call him, there is some emergency. He is out of town traveling, death of a family member and he is in South Africa, at church (he answers his phone in church?), traveling to Chicago, but there is always a facade of something pressing he uses as a decoy vs discussing the reason for my call (my money). I caught on to the trend after a bit. He told me the money was wired to me, but canít send the wire confirmation, tells me it will be done "today at 3:30" but can't explain why he told it me it was already done two days prior (that was weeks ago and I have gotten different stories since then). Then he was to send a cashierís check and FedEx it to me, but canít give the tracking number to me that he said he had. I called him and he answered the phone saying ďdid you get the check yet?Ē I said, you have the tracking number, you tell me!!! This has gone on for months. I googled his name and found a horrid trail of this fraud from others just like me. I asked him about it and he says it is a case of blackmail and a conspiracy against him with fake documents. I told him that I am not stupid. I find it hard to explain that I donít have my money, have a lot of BS excuses and then I find this about some other Cliff Kaplan?!?!?!? He said yes, there other 3 other Cliff Kaplans who are doing bad things and he is the good one. The ones I read about are the bad ones. Really? Címon. Google Cliff Kaplan and see what you find.

This gentleman's story is eerily similar to my own.

**NEW**6/4/2013 - Beware! Cliff going by "Cliff Kap" using email

I have received information that Cliff is using the alias "Cliff Kap" so that people can't easily find this site when researching about him.

12/31/2012 - Cliff Kaplan Fraud has been visited by *over* 1,500 people since launch!

I could never recover my lost money, time and pain from the fraud that Cliff Kaplan pulled. In April, 2012 I launched this site. Since, many, many people have emailed their own stories about Cliff Kaplan. Even more, over 1,500, have visited this site. I'd like to think this site helped at least a few of them avoid being scammed by this man. And as the next year approaches, in a perfect won't hear any more sad stories of people being ripped off by Cliff Kaplan. But when I do, we will be here to report it for as long as it takes to bring justice.

Thank you all for your help. I leave you with the traffic stats for this year:

12/30/2012 - Cliff Kap and Africa Safari

Multiple reports of concern from safari companies in Africa:
"We run a number of up market safari camps in the Okavango Delta. Cliff, had us running around for a last minute booking at one of our premier camps for him and his partner, --name removed--.

He is obviously looking at getting away with a freebie as the trip would costs in excess of $4000 for the 2 nights they want + Flights.

He is very secretive, has gone by the name of Cliff Kap and refuses to give passport details and C/C details.

He claims thjat he works for American Express and acts like a real big deal.

Guys like this waste peoples time, and should be locked away!!"

And another safari company:
"He is busy defrauding us as I type and I need some information URGENTLY."

10/13/2012 - Cliff using alternate spellings of his name?

A good samaritan with a bad experience with Cliff Kaplan reports that Cliff may have slightly modified his name to go by "Cliff Kaplin"(note the new spelling of "Kaplan"). Also, he may have floated another business name by "" since StudioExt has received such a bad reputation.

4/30/2012 - Cliff Kaplan Conviction Details

When Cliff Kaplan was convicted and sent to state prison: "On or about July 29, 1999, I was convicted of the felony of violation of Penal Code Section 476A(A) in Marin County, California. My sentence for this offense was commitment to state prison"

If you believe you have been frauded by Cliff Kaplan, call Lt. Sanchez and your local authorities.

4/30/2012 - Check to court...bounces

Cliff Kaplan/StudioEXT tried to file a motion to vacate judgement in a case brought on by Nataliia Mishin. The only problem? StudioEXT's check to the Superior Court of California was returned.

4/26/2012 Victimized by Cliff?

If Cliff Kaplan victimized you by finding you on the Internet, you are strongly encouraged to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (it is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center).

4/21/2012 - Ruling against Cliff Kaplan/StudioEXT

Another court ruling against Cliff Kaplan/StudioEXT. Here are the copies of bad checks from Cliff Kaplan from that case.

4/19/2012 - Lawsuit

Here's the lawsuit against Cliff Kaplan and StudioEXT by Also see copies of bad checks extracted from the public documents: Bad Check 1   Bad Check 2

4/17/2012 - Criminal docket for Cliff Kaplan for Bad Check

Check out this open criminal docket naming Cliff Kaplan of Mill Valley for bad check

Criminal Docket naming Cliff Kaplan of Mill Valley

Cliff Kaplan wrote me a fraudulent check
of over $10,000 for the Jiun Ho Project   

1. Cliff Kaplan has scammed programmers, designers and others, often finding them on craigslist. DO NOT become his next victim.
Last year, I posted a review of Cliff Kaplan on Yelp and continue to receive numerous messages on a regular basis from others scammed by him. DO NOT become another victim of Cliff Kaplan and StudioEXT.

2. He writes bad checks that get returned for non-sufficient funds
When it came time to pay, Cliff Kaplan deposited a check into my bank account. The check was returned for non-sufficient funds, as shown below. Cliff Kaplan attempted to deposit another check to make up for the returned check. That check also returned days later.

3. Cliff Kaplan owes me over $10,000 for the Project
I was hired by Cliff Kaplan to work on the Jiun Ho project at I signed a contract and worked full-time for almost one month, including most weekends. While working with him, I communicated with Cliff Kaplan and Genevieve Pabon almost on a daily basis. Over six months later, I remain unpaid by Cliff Kaplan.

4. Cliff Kaplan has a history of being sued.
San Francisco County Municipal Court (Do a search under lastname, firstname: Kaplan, Cliff, Kaplan Clifford, StudioEXT)
Marin County Superior Court (Search under both the Civil and Criminal Tab, search under case name: Cliff Kaplan and Clifford Kaplan)
Santa Clara County Superior Court
(Type in Cliff Kaplan.)

5. Report Cliff Kaplan to the San Francisco District Attorney's Office
The San Francisco District Attorney's Office already has a Special Agent investigating this. If you have been scammed by Cliff Kaplan, please consider contacting the DA's office at (415) 553-1751.

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